[Stackless] Python 2.5 & Strange Compilation Warning

Benjamin Tolputt bjt at pmp.com.au
Fri Mar 30 07:20:04 CEST 2007

This is primarily for Richard & Christian, although I'm putting it on 
the list as it may interest others.

I have almost finished the example application on how I intend to 
implement a multi-threaded server with Stackless Tasklets dedicated to a 
single thread (i.e. scripting in one thread, network access/monitoring 
in another thread, database access in yet another thread, etc). I used 
the Stackless embed demo as inpisration, but rewrote the code I required 
(as the license on the demo was not conducive to "commercial allowed" 
sharing to my understanding).

In the process I believe I fixed a few shortcomings and discovered a 
weird compiler wanring that made me scratch my head. The shortcomings in 
the demo I will outline when I submit my framework to the list, but the 
weird warning I thought I would raise now.

As background, I am using Boost.Python to embed Stackless within an 
application context & am using the Stackless Python 2.5 release. I made 
some "hackish" changes to Boost.Python in order to compile the 
application without warnings popping up all the time (Python 2.5 uses 
Py_ssize_t instead of int for "size" values now, Boost has not been 
updated to reflect this - I simply cast down to int in all areas that 
complained of this problem). I am using MSVC 7.1 to compile the 
application (but am using Python, Boost, and Standard headers only in an 
effort to make the framework as cross-platform as possible).

The weird error is that whenever I compile the application, I get the 
following error...
"stackless_impl.h(82) : warning C4273: 'PyEval_EvalFrameEx_slp' : 
inconsistent dll linkage"

Looking at the source code in question, it would appear that 
'PyEval_EvalFrameEx_slp' is the only function without a PyAPI_FUNC(...) 
wrapper around the return value. I do not know enough about the 
internals of Stackless to know whether I should change this or not. 
Given that the rest of Stackless has no warnings associated with the 
compilation - I am curious as to what makes this function special or why 
(if it is not special) the warning is raised?


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