[Stackless] Google Summer of Code - PSF / Time is Short

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 17:31:03 CET 2007

Hello Christian:

>I'm not getting involved with Twisted. Nothing
>against it in general, but it is very different from
>my thinking.

If the application is designed properly, the Stackless
tasklets are not even aware of Twisted... However to
get this level of transparency, for better or worse,
one has to develop some sort of custom scheduler. 

For example, my application has a scheduler (then
again to implement the WS-BPEL specification, one
needs logical scheduling). One of its jobs is to
suspend and resume tasklets waiting for I/O. If the
wait is sufficiently long, the plan is to pickle the
tasklets and swap them out of memory. 

>The other comments about dependencies are also very
>relevant. If twisted wants to use stackless for
>something, fine with me. But not vice versa..

I agree. 


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