[Stackless] Google Summer of Code - PSF / Time is Short

Marcus shutterbug at dwx.com
Thu Mar 22 23:55:58 CET 2007

> Carlos, on this point we disagree. I initially
> proposed the tasklooping approach months ago. Since
> then, I had written cases using task looping that
> caused the reactor to fail. If I can find the time, I
> will write a simplified case to replicate the problem.
> In regards to what I was developing, I don't know how
> healthy it was to call schedule() from a callback.

To me there's a distinction between the way you want to integrate 
Twisted and Stackless: If you want Stackless to be used to supplement 
the way you handle Twisted callbacks (e.g. you don't need Stackless 
tasklets to constantly run), blockOn/deferredTasklet do just fine. But 
if you want tasklets to continually run while twisted runs (the two 
reactors sharing time), that's a different situation.


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