[Stackless] Stackless and PyQt4 on Linux

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 21:36:54 CEST 2007

On 3/30/07, Miguel Turner <dhagrow+stackless at gmail.com> wrote:
> #0  0xb7e6bc53 in strlen () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6
> #1  0x08091f26 in PyString_FromFormatV (
>     format=0x8133668 "type '%.100s' is not an acceptable base type",
>     vargs=<value optimized out>) at Objects/stringobject.c:202
> #2  0x080ddbd0 in PyErr_Format (exception=0x814c9e0,
>     format=0x8133668 "type '%.100s' is not an acceptable base type")
>     at Python/errors.c:522
> #3  0x0809fad6 in type_new (metatype=0xb7f829e0, args=0xb7d9e734, kwds=0x0)
>     at Objects/typeobject.c:1690
> #4  0x080995cd in type_call (type=0xb7f829e0, args=0xb7d9e734, kwds=0x0)
>     at Objects/typeobject.c:423
> #5  0x0805b72b in PyObject_Call (func=0xb7f829e0, arg=0xb7d9e734, kw=0x0)
>     at Objects/abstract.c:1863
> #6  0xb7f7d666 in initsip ()
>    from /usr/local/spython/lib/python2.5/site-packages/sip.so

As far as I can tell from the stacktrace I would guess that sip does
not initialise one of its types correctly.  This also happens if you
just import sip, right?

Can someone set a breakpoint to initsip and then step through to see
the code path which leads to this point?


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