[Stackless] Google Summer of Code - PSF / Time is Short

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 20:05:32 CET 2007

Hello Richard and Colleagues:

> Given my own non-use of Twisted and the level of
>confusion that went on, on the list, in terms of how 
>to get Stackless and Twisted to best work together,
how >the use of Twisted will affect people wanting to
use the >monkeypatched facilities in the same manner..
well, I >don't know the repercusions there.

Two points. 


Although I would use a Stackless Python modified to
use Twisted, I am increasingly of the opinion that it
unnecessary to build Twisted support into Stackless.
One can get much mileage from out-of-the-box Twisted. 

I would sooner contribute towards building a Stackless
Python aware debugger....

For the near future, I believe it more important to
understand the issues about integrating Twisted with
Stackless. For instant, based on Carlos's tests, I
want to understand how adjusting the GIL improves
performance. My own tests have shown that using a
deque or uthread Queue provides modest performance
boosts (the asynchrony helps). And like Carlos, I want
to know why the threaded solution does not work if it
is driven too fast after repeated invocations, that is
running the executable two or three types in

I will probably post again in the Twisted newsgroup.


As for the different approaches. I believe a single
threaded approach can handle 80% of the typical
programmer's problems. I worked on a threaded approach
because I have more esoteric needs (I have outlined
those needs in previous posts). In turn, I had written
tests where approaches using taskloop would break.
Perhaps I was doing something wrong, but I have
decided not to pursue that avenue. In turn, the
threaded solution works, albeit with the provisos that
were stated above.
Again, I think if we share information and not operate
in silos, stackless modules, monkeypatching, and
Twisted approaches can all be improved.


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