[Stackless] A Solution Re: Advice on Debugging Stackless/Twisted Problem

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 19:39:57 CEST 2007

Hello Colleagues:

Earlier I posted that I was having a problem involving
the loss of deferred calls in a programme that uses
Stackless and Twisted. I found the problem and wrote a
solution. I think it interesting.

It helped when I started using the Twisted logging
facility :-)

The immediate reason the deferred were "lost" was
because the main reactor loop stopped iterating.

What happened was:

1. In the example, Stackless treats Twisted as a


2. When the Request Handler is created, it is running
as a *part* of the Twisted tasklet. 

3. Consequently when the Request Handler blocked on a
channel, this blocked the entire reactor! In turn, 
doIteration() (doSelect) cannot do its work. Twisted
grinds to a halt. 

4. When the last tasklet (TestTasklet) blocked, all
the tasklets became blocked. Consequently the
programme ended. 

The solution was two-fold.

1) To prevent the reactor from blocking, I run the
request handler in its own tasklet. This prevents the
reactor from blocking for indeterminate periods of

2) I modified doSelect to call stackless.schedule().
If the reactor does not call stackless.schedule(),
other tasklets will not get an opportunity to run.

(When I have time, I will write a proper reactor. This
should be a little more than overriding the
doIteration() method of selectReactor). Or re-read the
Blocking demo : I don't quite understand how it works)

With this approach, I 

1) Eliminate a OS-Thread (both Stackless and Twisted
folks concur that this is wrong, wrong, wrong).

2) Can execute tasklets in parallel with tasklets that
are blocked waiting for network I/O like an incoming
HTTP request.

I think it is neat that the Twisted framework is
flexible enough to be contorted in this fashion.
Unfortunately this approach is *very* slow. I feel it 
is wastefully that a tasklet is created for every
incoming request. I have to work on this. 


I understand the subset of Stackless and Twisted users
is small. And the philosophies are different. And what
I am doing is a bit esoteric and application specific.
Hopefully others will be able to build upon this : I
don't see why programmers can't get the best of the
Stackless and Twisted worlds.


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