[Stackless] Installing Stackless 2.5.1 on an Intel Mac

Sam Wilmott sam at wilmott.ca
Wed May 23 16:43:35 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I've attempted to install Stackless on a MacBook, and 
somethings wrong; I don't know what.

I first upgraded to the generic Python 2.5.1 from 
www.python.org and that worked just fine.  Then I realized 
that for what I wanted to do I really needed Stackless, so I 
downloaded the latest .dmg and clicked the .mpkg.  Went 
through the steps just fine until I got to the install step 
and it said that there was nothing to install!  The list of 
clickable packages was all greyed out.  After a couple of 
attempts I uninstalled all the Python I could find, from the 
Applications folder and both of the Framework folders, but 
that didn't help.

When I go "which python" it finds one in /usr/bin and that 
one reports itself to be 2.3.5.  I think that's the one that 
came with Mac OS X Tiger.

It looks to me like I'm overlooking something obvious, but 
....  Help appreciated.

Sam Wilmott
sam at wilmott.ca

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