[Stackless] Running Stackless without installing

Bjørn Hansen holomorph at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 22 07:14:53 CET 2007


I have built stackless and, not yet being prepared to replace the
version of python packaged with my distro, tried running it without
installing (just running './python' from the directory where I compiled
it).  That seems to work just fine, but I have a few questions:

First, does anyone know any potential pitfalls of running like this?

Second, how do I install other modules not included with python?  In
this case I am interested in using pygame with stackless.  My theory is
that I should be able to sim-link the appropriate pygame modules from my
 current python installation into the correct directories in my
stackless tree, but either that doesn't work, or I'm not linking all of
the files I need in the right place. Do I need to build pygame using the
stackless source, or should the version I have installed be able to work?

And one last thing - anyone know a good way to search the archives for
this mailing list?



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