[Stackless] FAQ for stackless?

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Thu Sep 13 01:09:20 CEST 2007

No danger, normal programs should still run normal.  Stackless has a
tiny bit more overhead in a few cases, but most of the time it
performs at the same speed as well.
It is not 'replaced', but rather patched, the original code is only
altered in about one major area (function calls to allow for stack
unwinding), the rest basically exists as a startup module and the
stackless module.

Do note, I really only use python embedded in my programs as a
scripting language, so my experience is not complete, but it does
include many areas others do not.

On 9/12/07, Jim Kleckner <jek-stackless at kleckner.net> wrote:
> As a newbie looking at stackless, it seemed to me that an FAQ
> would be appropriate.  I'm not sure where it ought to live
> but I experimented with creating a page here:
>  http://zope.stackless.com/wiki/FAQ
> If this an inappropriate place, please delete it.
> A first question I have is:
>  Is there any danger in using a stackless version of Python
>  for code that doesn't use the features of stackless?
> i.e. how safe is it to replace the very important intepreter?
> Thanks - Jim
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