[Stackless] FAQ for stackless?

Johan Carlsson johanc at easypublisher.com
Thu Sep 13 07:11:56 CEST 2007

On 9/12/07, Jim Kleckner <jek-stackless at kleckner.net> wrote:
> As a newbie looking at stackless, it seemed to me that an FAQ
> would be appropriate.  I'm not sure where it ought to live
> but I experimented with creating a page here:
>  http://zope.stackless.com/wiki/FAQ
> If this an inappropriate place, please delete it.
> A first question I have is:
>  Is there any danger in using a stackless version of Python
>  for code that doesn't use the features of stackless?
> i.e. how safe is it to replace the very important intepreter?

Hi Jim,
I don't clam any deep insights in the inner works of Stackless Python,
but I've run a Stackless Python 2.4 (windows) as my regular Python
for a long time (it includes running it in PyWin).
I haven't noticed anything that would have broken due to stackless.

Well that's my testimony :D

Johan Carlsson
Colliberty Easy Publisher

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