[Stackless] stackless python in a multicore environment

Johan Carlsson johanc at easypublisher.com
Sat Sep 22 11:04:29 CEST 2007

I've had a quick look at pp and it looks to me like it threads of
tasks when going remove, that's why there is a wait() method
to synchronize on a groups.

pp is very high level, the API is minimal and examining the stats
print outs I would say it does a lot of optimization of scheduling
internally, for instance it seems to try to run as much task
as close as possible (I don't have a SMP machine so I run a cluster
consisting of in process on my desktop and one on my office server,
making the total number of server 3? (the local process seems to count
like a server too)) .

Anyway, my guess it that stackless will not play nice with pp
due to pp's internal threading.
It still possible to run a stackless application in parallel but
I'm not sure pp is the best package to do that with.
(Like I mentioned before, spread might be more suited to
integrate with stackless, Spread is way more low level, and
doesn't provide any scheduling of tasks just the multicast protocol).

Johan Carlsson
Colliberty Easy Publisher

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