[Stackless] That darn GIL rant again...

niki niki at vintech.bg
Tue Apr 1 15:33:59 CEST 2008

Jeff Senn wrote:
> About the only space between rock and hard-place I see is:
> 1) notice that most (well-designed)  systems that
> do asynchronous messaging (in practice) send far less data
> between "processes" than they handle locally.
> 2) realize that declaring beforehand which data is local
> and which is "possibly remote" is not very "Pythonic".  And
> probably difficult given the "reference heavy" nature
> of Python objects.
> 3) Re-vamp a python interpreter that dynamically acquires
> locking "per-object" as it notices the object reference
> cross a "thread boundary". (Notice that descent into the tree
> of references is necessary for containers!)

I disagree with point 2. "Explicit is better than implicit".
Programmer must know where thread/process boundaries are and convey this 
to the system. This knowledge very important in order to make all kind 
of algorithmic decisions.

Niki Spahiev

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