[Stackless] Simple Threading Support

Paul Alvarez palvarez at netenforcers.com
Fri Apr 11 21:32:52 CEST 2008

Hey everyone,

            I've just recently stumbled upon the stackless module and
I'm very interested in its functionality. I have read quite a lot
regarding it on the wiki and have yet to discover a working solution to
my minor problem. I was hoping someone with more knowledge on stackless
would be able to give me a simple solution as I am sure I am probably
missing something obvious. I know this code is wrong as it is one of
many variations I've come up with, but I can't figure out what I am
doing wrong. Hopefully what I provide you will give you a good idea of
what I'm trying to get an understanding of. Just for the record, I am
using 2.5.2.


import stackless as s

results = (5,4,3,2,1)


def runMe(i):


    print "%d: Hello from TID %d" % (i,t.thread_id)


for i in results:

    t = s.tasklet(runMe)(i)



            As you can see what I had hoped to accomplish is to run
'time.sleep' a total of five times. I would assume that if it was
threading properly it would finish the final thread before the first
thread and supply unique thread IDs for each call.


Example, I want roughly:


1: Hello from TID 1956 /

2: Hello from TID 2466 |

3: Hello from TID 9347 |--Note various thread ID's, evidence it is
successfully threading

4: Hello from TID 4235 |

5: Hello from TID 5257 \


Instead of:


            5: Hello from TID 1956 /

4: Hello from TID 1956 |

3: Hello from TID 1956 |-- Not very dynamic if you ask me

2: Hello from TID 1956 |

1: Hello from TID 1956 \


Thank you in advance for any references, advice, or example code.




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