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Phoenix Sol phoenix at burninglabs.com
Tue Apr 15 19:13:22 CEST 2008

Has anyone on this list tried this: http://www.yieldserver.com:8081/ ?

At first glance, it appears to be f.awesome...

__________________Straight from the above
About Yield:

Yield is a high-performance, event-based application server written in C++
with an embedded Python interpreter for application logic.

Yield can act as a static or dynamic web server, a C++ RPC client and
server, a WSGI frontend, or transport raw socket I/O to and from Python for
other network applications, such as mail or chat.
With Yield You Can:

   - Write wire protocol-agnostic RPC handlers: JSON-RPC, XDR, or XML-RPC
   - Generate RPC interfaces, messages, types, and constants in C++,
   Python, and JavaScript from IDL
   - Offload CPU-intensive processing and blocking system calls to
   multi-threaded C++ event handlers: HTTP response body deflation, disk I/O
   and HTTP request logging, DNS lookups
   - Manage and cache in-memory data fragments from Python for e.g.
   assembling HTTP bodies for gather I/O
   - Debug your application logic using any Python debugger
   - Access SQL databases via the DB API

Other Features:

   - Portability: Win32, Linux, OS X
   - Small footprint, no mandatory dependencies
   - Stackless Python <http://www.stackless.com/> support
   - Google Template System <http://code.google.com/p/google-ctemplate/>support
   - Efficient I/O primitives: epoll, kqueue, I/O completion ports on
   - Protocol implementations in C++: fast HTTP with chunked encoding and
   pipelining, JSON-RPC, XDR
   - Send/receive unprocessed socket I/O from/to Python

Applications in Yield are usually written in a continuation-passing style in
order to avoid blocking. These continuations/events are akin to Twisted
Deferreds in Python or SEDA events in Java. When Stackless Python is enabled
Python programs can block on message exchanges, as in Erlang.

Yield is free to download and use under the terms and conditions of the *GNU
General Public License (GPL) v2*.

This looks like a dream come true; I'm delving into it immediately!

Phoenix Sol
130 'A' Street,
Suite 6
Ashland, Oregon
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