[Stackless] Bug in stackless.tasklet C API?

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Wed Apr 23 15:27:00 CEST 2008

Richard Tew wrote:
> Any chance you can share with us what you are doing with Stackless?
> Anyone else who is doing with Stackless and can share with the list, please
> chime in :)
I'm seriously considering writing the game logic of my upcoming 
multiplayer game in stackless.
It's a turn based game, and while doing some initial test 
implementations, to get a bit of an idea of the actual problem domain,
I've been completely amazed at how closely stackless code maps to the 
logic I'm trying to desciribe. It's totally cool.

The thing that might prevent me from actually using it, is that I'm 
having a very hard time finding a solution to
hook up stackless to network sockets, in a way that will reliably deal 
with thousands if not much more, of connections.

Richard's stacklessocket, Phoenix's attempt at socketlibevent socket, 
and the recent Twisted network hookups all don't feel like
they'd hold up when things start to scale up. Mind you, this is very 
much a feeling, so if anybody is actually using any of these
in a similar environment, with loads of connections, I'd love to hear 
about it.

I'm looking at that Yield server now. If anybody has advice on how to 
implement the connection between stackless and OS network support,
I'm all ears.

PS not sure if it's considered bad form, but if we can figure out a way 
to use stackless for the backend, we'll be looking for a network
programmer, preferrably with a good understanding of stackless. If that 
sounds like you, please drop me a line.

Bye, Lucas

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