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Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Feb 5 21:01:36 CET 2008

Phoenix Sol wrote:
> I think he was only giving credit to Sam Rushing for 'bringing' and 
> 'teaching', not
> for 'conceiving', 'creating', 'developing', 'slaving over', and 
> 'suffering for' Stackless ;-)

Well, "bringing in" is a minor point. Actually he made me implement it.

> But yeah, I was shocked that he didn't give you any credit, Christian.
> I hope you don't mind, but I sent him an email asking him to remedy the 
> situation.

Sure there was no credit for me, but also not for anybody else
who worked on stuff. Despite Sam, there was no reviewer which
had some relevance to me concerning Stackless. That's what I meant
with "ignorance": talking about stuff without consulting the
people who have the knowledge.

Also (and this happens often), Greenlets were honored as a solution
that does not need deep interpreter changes. This is true, but actually
greenlets are a spin-off of Stackless with exactly that in mind, using
technology from Stackless.
If Stackless would not do the interpreter changes, it would just
switch 10 times slower, as Greenlet does.
I was missing some more detail about these things, considered it
sloppy. The comparison suggests "better", the truth is "different".

well, calming down - chris

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