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Doug Little littldo at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 06:01:50 CET 2008

Hi guys,
great work,  do you think a dba can figure this stuff out?

I'm trying to learn stackless, and  have been thru the excellent tutorial by Grant Olson
I'm ready to go to the next step and see from the "Learning to use stackless..."  that I should look at the documentation that's included with the stackless module. 
I can't find it.   Maybe I misunderstood something. 

I'm running on windows vista premium
I downloaded the official  python 2.5.1 distribution, installed it. verfied that it worked.
I downloaded the stackless 2.5.1  msi file  and tried to install it.  It complained that python was already installed. so I removed the standard version
 installed the stackless msi  and it installed fine.

But I'm confused about where I find the documentation.  Looking at the python 25.chm file I couldn't find anything with stackless
Repeating the process, I'm still not having any success.  but would someone tell me if I'm doing it wrong.
If I need to download the source

I started reviewing the archieves, but I couldn't find a search function.  is there one?

Learning to use Stackless
There are currently four main places that you can look to for information on how to use Stackless:
The tutorial "Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python", written by Grant Olson. 
The built-in documentation that comes in the stackless module that you import
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