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Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Wed Feb 13 19:38:18 CET 2008

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First hint. you do not need more than one thread ;)

=> Python has a Global Interpreter Lock, which means that at most one
thread runs inside the Python interpreter at a given time.

Second, stackless has the given "abstraction" in form of Channels.
µthreads can block on channels and get resumed when something is sent to
the channel.

Third the wsgi sample is just a demo. AFAIK, it does not even set the
socket reuse flag, ...

And as a last hint, on my 2.5 years old Centrino 1.6GHz laptop, and the
wsgiref demo app, I have managed between 500-750 requests per second.
Depending upon how many concurrent (100-1000) requests I make Apache
Bench do. Philosophically, it's probably at least partially limited by
ab running on the same host as the tested server. (Admittingly, on
Linux, but then, why would you want to use a legacy system for heavy
computing? :-P)


Laurent Debacker wrote:
| Hello,
| I'm new to stackless, so I apologize if this is trivial.
| Is it possible to schedule microthreads based on event? For example,
| let's suppose that a µthread writes data through a socket. The write
| will block the µthread, but is asynchronous for the real thread.
| Consequently, the async write is started, the scheduler is called, and
| the µthread is put on a waiting list until its write is completed. In
| addition, the scheduler shall never call back a µthread that is still
| blocked, and the stackless.run() may not return while there is still
| blocking µthreads.
| I have looked at the wsgi server sample, but the performance become so
| poor on windows when the number of concurrent connection increases. In
| addition, there is that strange asyncore_loop function with the pool
| call which scares me.
| What I want, is a WSGI server, with one thread per CPU/core, and one
| µthread per connection :)
| Regards,
| Laurent.
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