[Stackless] Trouble linking on Ubuntu Linux

Lloyd Weehuizen lloyd at fusion.net.nz
Sat Jan 12 23:48:06 CET 2008

Hey Simon

The only think I can think of is that g++ is linking with the 
libpython2.5.so in your /lib folder in preference to the .a you compiled.

Type "ldd <boost_python_libname>" it will give you a list of libraries 
boost is dependent on. If /lib/libpython2.5.so is listed, then its still 
binding to the wrong one.

I also suggest you compile a .so of stackless python "make 
libpython2.5.so" rather than using the .a.

What happens if you temporarily rename your libpython2.5.so in /lib to 
something else? Does it find the correct library then? (assuming you 
don't use a python based build system like scons)

You *should* be able to copy the stackless .so over the normal python 
.so without any bad consequences, but its always a good idea to back 
things up :)

Hope that helps,

Simon Pickles wrote:
> Hi,
> /usr/local/boost_1_34_1/stage/libs is in my linker search path, and I 
> have linked with option -lboost_python. Have I missed something?
> Thanks
> Simon

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