[Stackless] Channels between threads

Simon Pickles sipickles at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 19 22:58:26 CET 2008


Following the example, stacklessfileThreadPool, I have written a mySQL 
access version. It uses almost identical code to the example, doing SQL 
queries instead of file operations.

I thought it was working at first but it has a problem.

Say I have 4 threads in the pool, then I can do 4 SQL requests before it 
stops. Each thread can only hear one work request, even tho this is 
supposed to be a while(1) loop.

Logging the code I can see the problem is here, in Class WorkerThread.run():

    def run(self):
        while not self._dismissed.isSet():
            # thread blocks here, if queue empty
            request = self.workRequestQueue.get()
            logger.DAT("%s received request with channel %s: %s" % 
(self, request.ch, request.s))
            logger.DAT("Work Queue size after get(): %d" % 
                data = self.conn.execute(request.ch, request.s)
                #logger.DAT("%s RESULT: %s" % (self,str(data)))
                #self.resultsChannel.send((data, request.ch, 
                logger.DAT("Sending result thru: %s, balance: %d" % 
(request.ch, request.ch.balance))
                exc, val, ad = sys.exc_info()
                logger.DAT("ERROR in %s: %s - %s" % (self, exc, val))
                request.ch.send_exception(exc, val)
            logger.DAT("Ready for new work") # <<<<<<  This line is 
never reached, request.ch.send seems to block

I understand that channel.send will block until a receive is made. 
However, this receive is being made in the requesting thread and the 
results are successfully received!

So why does this code never reach the line "Ready for new work"?

Before the ch.send, the balance on the channel is 0.
In the receiving code, the balance on the channel after the receive is 
1, even tho the data IS received.

Can anyone imagine why this might be? or have I misunderstood?

Thanks for your help




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