[Stackless] Moving channel ends on pickled tasklets

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Subject: [Stackless] Moving channel ends on pickled tasklets
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>I want to move a tasklet A to another machine. This tasklet receives data >on a channel then process it. Is it possible for the tasklet B that >pickles this tasklet A to take posession of the channel to act as a proxy >to redirect data to the new location of A?

I believe to move the tasklet to another machine, it would probably be best to first detach the tasklet from the channel with a __reduce__ and __setState__

see this page for details: http://www.stackless.com/wiki/Pickling

As a precaution, I would also make sure that no other objects had a reference to the tasklet after it was serialised.

When you deserialise the tasklet, reattach it to a channel, using __reduce__ and __setState__.



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