[Stackless] Io Language

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Wed Jun 11 09:45:18 CEST 2008

Phoenix Sol wrote:
> Have you looked at this <http://iolanguage.com> little language yet? I'm 
> quickly finding myself quite taken with it.

Interesting. I'll try to find some time to evaluate it.

> Would it be inappropriate to post such a question on the Stackless list? 
> (I love you guys; I don't want to hurt any feelings or anything.)

(speaking for myself)
No objection with that. Why should I think it inappropriate?
Alternatives should always be discussed. With th emphasis on
the implementation, although nice language integrations
are woth considering as well. Note that Stackless has no
language extension, while simple generators have!

Btw., I heard a lot about Erlang and how well it handles
cross-machine processes. I'd love to hear more of this, too,
and maybe Stackless can borrow some concepts.

(You know that almost all concepts are borrowed, in the end.
There is really little really new, like the composability
which still exists in Stackless PyPy, only.)

Btw.II., I just stepped into Fibers on Windoze, because I needed
to write a decent debugger for Psyco, and I have to say I was
very pleased. It is likely that I want to support Fibers for
Stackless. This has a huge memory footprint, but it can lead
to a very fast Stackless without changing the interpreter.
Thinking about the options. Fibers would be rather easy to
implement for Linux, I think.

To stop quibbling, yes, don't be afraid to put any interesting
subject on the list.

actually I did it already - sincerely -- chris

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