[Stackless] Io

Phoenix Sol phoenix at burninglabs.com
Sat Jun 14 04:45:18 CEST 2008

I know that you are all very busy as always, but I would like to hear what
you think about this language Io <http://iolanguage.com>, if you ever have
the chance to look into it.

Missing from the 'bindings' section on the first page at
http://iolanguage.com is Python, and while I'm actually kind of weary of the
performance hit of calling Python, and excited about how easy it is to add C
extensions to Io, but not being a competent C programmer yet, it's nice to
know I can fall back on Python libs to some extent.

Anyway I really like it, but I want to find out what more educated
programmers and or more experienced developers think about it ;-)

Phoenix Sol
130 'A' Street,
Suite 6
Ashland, Oregon
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