[Stackless] Io

Guy Hulbert gwhulbert at eol.ca
Sat Jun 14 12:10:22 CEST 2008

You also said (response below written first):

	"excited about how easy it is to add C extensions to Io"

Is that based on reading something specific from the Io site or is it
from one of the links?

Could you provide a more specific reference?

On Fri, 2008-13-06 at 19:45 -0700, Phoenix Sol wrote:
> Missing from the 'bindings' section on the first page at
> http://iolanguage.com is Python

Now I've looked at this again, I'm not quite sure whether 'bindings'
"means what you think it means"[1].  Unfortunately,

	Documentation on how to write bindings/addons forthcoming..

So I'm not sure what 'bindings' means in Io nor what you expect it to
mean.  From the examples listed on the Io front page it looks more like
"libraries" ... except for the "objective-c bridge".

[1] You keep using that word ... [the princess bride]


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