[Stackless] Continuations ?

Filip Štědronský regnarg at seznam.cz
Sun May 11 09:31:33 CEST 2008


I recently heard something about Stackless Python supporting continuations,
so I installed it only to find out the support was dropped a long time ago.
So I am asking: is it possible (for someone who has never seen Stackless
sources) to "forward-port" such feature to the current version ? Or does
Stackless provide any mechanism that would make possible to implement
reusable continuations ? Because without full-blown continuations it is
not possibe to write a good web framework in Python where the Back button
works correctly (it would cause an older continuation to be re-invoked),
wheter it does send the old request again or load the page from cache.
Something that works excellently in Seaside, but Smalltalk is to unpythonic
for me to use. Is there any theroretical possibility to implement working
multi-shot continuations in (Stackless) Python (just general ideas) ? I am
not looking forward to being stuck with Ruby at all. Thanks for any help.

Filip Štědronský "regnarg" [cz]

Note: I have to complete my project withing two weeks, and it would be nice
      if at least one of them reminds me for actual web application

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