[Stackless] Continuations ?

Filip Štědronský regnarg at seznam.cz
Sun May 11 16:05:12 CEST 2008

> You can pickle tasklets which is the same thing. 
thank you very much ! I haven't thought about it, such a
stupid mistake. But now i hit another problem. Considering
the way pickle works (and confirmed by experiments), all
the locals are (naturally) also pickled. But this can lead
to very unpleasant situations with objects that cannot be
easily pickled — database links, for example. I am using
an ORM and I don't think the wrapper objects would like
to be pickled. I wonder wheter there is any way to work
that around, or do I have to remove all "dangerous"
objects manually from locals before each pickling ? Could
it be possible to just "copy" a tasklet, without the
pickling phase, making just a (deep)copy of the locals
(perhaps with slightly modifying stackless sources) ?
Some objects are hard to pickle, but copy fine when there
is no pickle/unpickle midstep...

Thanks for any advice,
Filip Štedronský "regnarg" [cz]

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