[Stackless] StacklessWSGI example, HTTP daemons in general

Phoenix Sol phoenix at burninglabs.com
Sat May 17 21:54:57 CEST 2008

> I have a feeling, and have been wanting to test this out, that a
> solution for a high-performance Stackless HTTP server might be built
> on the asynchronous HTTP server code found in recent versions of
> libevent [2]. Phoenix Sol has been doing some experiments with this.

Well, I haven't actually. My skills are limited to the high-level languages
at this point, so I'm not capable of producing a production quality wrapper
for the latest libevent. But yeah, that seems like a potential solution for
sure. If you Google for it, there are a couple of examples of Python servers
that do use it, and are very high performance.

My interest is more in a general, drop in replacement solution, like Richard
Tew's stacklesssocket, that works with any kind of socket i/o.

(A Stackless-compatible libevent wrapper using libevent's 'buffered event'
interface sounds promising to me, but sadly, I don't have the skill to write

My attempts with 'socketlibevent', honestly, are embarrassing.
Stacklesssocket, trivially modified to use python-epoll, might be just what
I need, but so far I can't figure out an elegant way to add on ssl support
(I had it working in the older, 'monkeypatch' version).


Phoenix Sol
130 'A' Street,
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Ashland, Oregon
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