[Stackless] Thanks for all the fish!

Antonio Carrasco (ModelDD) carrasco at modeldd.org
Sun May 25 06:38:33 CEST 2008

Hi All!
As my first posting, let me first congratulate myself for having found this community.

Well, actually, first "kudos" should go for the visionaty authors of "stackless",
as a Transputers advocate and Smalltalk professional.
I can not possibly cease to recommend this outstanding development.

 -- indeed, where the needs and audience warrant the success of the effort.

I am myself looking forward to an interesting piece of standard business process
execution engine - something pretty hairy to do in recursive, non-parallel, non-continuation languages.

In any case, again, thanks to the community at large for the effort,
hoping that I'll be able to give back something myself.

I'm on of those lazy "model patterns" guys,
that rather reuse code-generation from a diagram a thousand times,
than pick up the keyboard to hard-code yet another component,
- but I´ve been told I am not without hope, if I get to author in someting like stackless .. ;-)

Antonio Carrasco Valero
Model Driven Development sl / Model Driven Development ltd.
Valencia Spain / Telford U.K. / Miami FL

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