[Stackless] Multi-CPU Actor Based Python

Emil Friðriksson emil at hlekkir.com
Wed Nov 19 03:45:22 CET 2008

I'd like to point out that Richard is a programmer at CCP and worked on 
game logic among other things. I'm also an employee of CCP and one of 
the people that run the live game cluster.
We run 1 process, running one stackless python thread per CPU and to 
that instance of the interpreter can we map one or more solarsystems, 
based on load of the systems.

Timothy Baldridge wrote:
>> There is not a one to one mapping between threads and solar systems.
> I beg to differ. Unless something has changed:
> "Each of EVE's 5000+ star systems is loaded as a separate process onto
> any one of hundreds of IBM blade servers, with some high-load systems
> being given a server all to themselves and many low-load systems being
> combined and run on servers together. These "SOL Servers" are tied
> into EVE's main database server where changes to the game take place
> (where the magic happens)."
> http://www.massively.com/2008/09/28/eve-evolved-eve-onlines-server-model/
> I've read this in other places as well.
> Timothy

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