[Stackless] Multi-CPU Actor Based Python

Timothy Baldridge tbaldridge at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 17:27:38 CET 2008

> BTW: I'd love to have a Stackless Python w/o a GIL... I just
> can't afford to do the (ton of) work!  I gather the "posh" thing
> Michael mentioned is a hack to put separate locks (LILs? :-) )
> around pieces of memory that contain python objects -- seems like
> a lot of hoops to jump through, for questionable benefit...
> I don't immediately see performance data, but my
> too-complicated-solution intuition bell rings a little...

POSH is more based around the idea of putting some objects in OS
shared memory. This would boost performance in some cases, as objects
no longer need to be serialized when data is changed. Depending on the
speed of the (de)allocation, it might actually work, I'm going to have
to do some tests on this.

True I am advocating a Erlang point of view here. I'll be honest, I
love the co-currency of Erlang, but the fact that it's functional
programming, and the odd syntax cause it to get in my way more than it

I've got a basic framework hacked out in Stackless, I'll do some
benchmarks this weekend and see what I come up with.

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