[Stackless] Multi-CPU Actor Based Python

niki niki at vintech.bg
Thu Nov 20 09:48:15 CET 2008

Timothy Baldridge wrote:
> POSH is more based around the idea of putting some objects in OS
> shared memory. This would boost performance in some cases, as objects
> no longer need to be serialized when data is changed. Depending on the
> speed of the (de)allocation, it might actually work, I'm going to have
> to do some tests on this.
> True I am advocating a Erlang point of view here. I'll be honest, I
> love the co-currency of Erlang, but the fact that it's functional
> programming, and the odd syntax cause it to get in my way more than it
> helps.
> I've got a basic framework hacked out in Stackless, I'll do some
> benchmarks this weekend and see what I come up with.

Maybe if there is special inter-VM channel for passing immutable objects 
(from patched numpy) and use something like memcached for connecting 
computers together?

Niki Spahiev

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