[Stackless] Stackless IO ?

Nicolas Stein n.stein at internike.com
Sun Oct 19 09:22:47 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I had seen their page about it a couple of weeks ago 

I assumed this was just a Stackless re-writting of their network layer, 
from the socket level & up,
with a nice marketing name on top of it...

Like many others I guess, I did more or less the same in my own project, 
(probably with comparable figures).

Do you think it could be more than this ? In this case I'd become 
curious as well ;)


Christian Tismer wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I just saw an announcement from Eve online:
> http://www.eve-online.com/community/newsletters/vol022.html
> Does anybody have an idea what Stackless IO is about,
> in the context of the Eve online game?
> I would have expected to see it mentioned on the list.
> Or is it a pure marketing gag?
> cheers - chris

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