[Stackless] [threading] Stackless based replacement

David Naylor dragonsa at highveldmail.co.za
Thu Sep 25 11:41:03 CEST 2008


Today I created a threading library to replace the default one.  The 
uniqueness of this library is that it is based solely based on stackless and 
functions as a (near) drop in replacement for the 'threaded' version.  

Only a few minor changes needs to be done to source code:
- The 'main' code needs to be moved into a thread
- threading.start() needs to be called [and will block until threads stop 

Some known issues:
- threading.start() enters a busy  loop if a deadlock occurs.  
- There might be come locking issues [related to atomic]
- atomic does not appear to be so atomic***

Thought I might share this with the community.  



P.S. [See attached for threading.py]
P.P.S. [[This is only a very rough, proof-of-concept work]
WARNING: Does eat babies (or as the saying goes)
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