[Stackless] lua vs. stackless python

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 24 19:21:24 CEST 2009

Hi Folks:

> Whether someone would choose Lua or Stackless Python for
> coroutines is probably a matter of preference for the language
> itself.  But one thing Stackless might provide that Lua does not, is the
> ability to block C function calls as well as Python function calls
> given that we shift C stack sections in and out with tasklets.  Or
> the ability to persist and unpersist in a cross platform way, running
> tasklets.

I just started reading up on Lua and Erlang (interested in hot swapping). Lua coroutines like Stackless Python, are implemented in user space. I don't see the equivalent of a channel. As for persistence. There seems to be a third party package, Pluto that does this. I find this interesting because the question of implementing execution state pickling outside of Stackless Python (I guess for greenlets) was raised a few weeks ago.

Christian gets an honourable mention in this paper: "Revisiting Coroutines"

(Interesting paper)

In regards to blocking, Lua has the same issues. And similar solutions, like luaSocket, that seems to work like StacklessSocket


Like Richard said, choice of Python or Lua probably depends on your preferences. 

Not that I necessarily see this as a competition, I wonder what Stackless/PyPy needs to stay ahead of the curve?



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