[Stackless] Bring Stackless.py in line with C based Stackless

Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Wed Dec 2 11:31:52 CET 2009

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> Subject: Re: [Stackless] Bring Stackless.py in line with C based
> Stackless
> Tasklet priorities have not been committed, and are not going to be
> committed until Kristjan revisits them
> Correct me if I am wrong Kristjan?

You are right.  My current plan is to 1) better abstract the round-robin scheduling away from the stackless core
2) provide tasklet priority as an experimental patch to that.

1) is important, I think, because it will also help to untangle some messy parts of stackless, but there are many places to visit, and the project lost a bit of steam.  it's still going on, though.


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