[Stackless] Fwd: Stackless Python included in the Softpedia Mac OS software database

Henning Diedrich hd at authentic-internet.de
Fri Dec 25 09:49:21 CET 2009

Christian Tismer wrote:
> maybe I'm over-reacting - merry christmas -- chris
Merry Christmas, yes you do, I think. They may be a scam but not 
hurtful. It's like being listed at tucows or zdnet.

They may start popping up higher in Google search results than the 
originaly Stackless pages though, if the original pages were not 
Google-friendly enough. These guys clutter the search results you must 
have seen that before with other programs. But there is no really danger 
there because http://stackless.com/ *is* Google-friendly as it seems.

So instead, the positive flip side of the listing may be that they 
*help* http://stackless.com/ getting even higher in the Google search 
results, where http://stackless.com/ is competing, say, with Python 
sites, or search results concerning general microthreading questions 
etc. This, if Google ranks softpedia as important site and gives 
relevance to the fact that softpedia links to stackless.com. But 
softpeda hides the link to stackless.com one page deep and I don't know 
if that can add to stackless.com page rank, given that it already seems 
to be pretty good. Someone knowledgable in SE optimizing should be able 
to answer that.

You generally do want to increase visibility? Then don't fight it I 
guess, it does add some. There is no danger from malign association by 
ads or politics there, they at least look 100% professional in this 
regard. And who knows to what else this free listing leads!

But looking at it non-opportunistically I'd say Stackless just 
absolutely does not belong there and nobody is helped getting it from 
there and the information presented is bad. It's a mistake of their 
staff to list it but probably it's deliberate, to grow their numbers. If 
there are/were stackless tools of general or specific interest, that 
might make sense to get them listed there instead.

If you stay listed, you may want to help them get a better description. 
Some sloppy journalist may one day lift it from there just because it's 
more limited as the stackless.com resources.


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