[Stackless] stackless & wxpython in one app?

Esteban U. Caamano Castro euccastro at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 18:33:20 CET 2009

>> "Integration of Stackless with wxPython. This can be done very simply;
>> the python script launches stackless.run(), and the main tasklet runs
>> the wxPython event loop."
> I have tried that but found that my stackless threadlets are not fired.

You need to yield regularly to give them a chance. Have you tried calling stackless.schedule() on the idle event handler for your main window?

> On my server I had ended up putting a while 1: around stackless.run() to
> ensure that stackless keeps on running for me.

I don't know why you'd need to do that, at least if the main server loop (the one that accepts connections) is in a tasklet.

> This is of course incompatible with starting the wxpython main loop.

The call to start the main loop only returns when your application exits. If that's in a tasklet, you should never have to worry about stackless.run() ending while your app is running?

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