[Stackless] 'Normal' sys.path being used instead of Stacklessone

Ben Sizer kylotan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 01:30:27 CET 2009

2009/1/19 David Wyand <TheHeadGnome at gnometech.com>:
> I found that calling Py_SetPythonHome() with the correct pathway to my own
> libraries just prior to Py_Initialize() worked out well.  I've also done a
> PySys_SetPath() following the initialize to do some further custom setup,
> but you may not need to.  Currently I've tested this under WinXP.

Could you elaborate on what you do with PySys_SetPath? I'm getting
some weird results where it loads the correct DLL, has only my
standalone directories in the path, but still seems to fall back to my
standard Python installation for module imports, despite them not
being in the path. It could be just reading the registry key but that
behaviour isn't what is described in the link I posted earlier. I'd
much rather it fail completely rather than be able to find the locally
installed Python.

> As Richard pointed out, this is really a Python issue.  I'd have to do the
> same steps if I wasn't using Stackless.

However, some of these things become a non-issue unless you are using
more than 1 implementation of Python, so the people generally more
well equipped to deal with this stuff are here, rather than on
comp.lang.python (where they tend to frown on embedders over extenders

Ben Sizer

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