[Stackless] Having an import issue on my embedded stackless port

Nelsen, Patrick Patrick.Nelsen at spectrumdsi.com
Tue Jan 27 19:58:58 CET 2009

I'm currently working on porting stackless 2.6.1 to an embedded OS, with a custom filesystem.  I am successfully able to import the builtin modules and modules in zipfiles, but I am having trouble importing .py files as modules.  I started to trace through the find_module() method in import.c and I see that the line 1326:  if(loader != Py_None) is always true and I hit the continue statement never making the call to fopen().  In addition, when I do a print of sys.path_importer_cache, all of the key values return imp.NULLImporter  object.  I was thinking that this was causing my problem, but I'm not sure why and how to fix it.

Any Ideas?

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