[Stackless] irc threads (Rach)

James Robinson jadaro at windstream.net
Fri Jul 10 00:47:35 CEST 2009

It may be worthy to note what platform you are using and whether or not 
the network service provider is limiting the number of network 
connections as well.  Although I do not think this is the issue that you 
are referring to and the replies seem to indicate a code oriented issue, 
I have noticed that my particular Internet Service Provider limits 
simultaneous connections to around 250 even with a 3mbit connection.  As 
the number of connections increases, my connection is eventually reset 
and I receive a new IP and all of my previous connections are lost.  I 
think it wise to mention this possible bottleneck in design and testing 
of softwares being tested on non-production servers as it may cause 
unusual behavior when testing with DSL or Cable connections; given the 
recent nature of and response by ISP's to file sharing and bit-torrent 
traffic this type of limiting isn't surprising.   This type of 
phenomenon may also be a means of trying to quash Internet worms.

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