[Stackless] My Stackless maintenance work

Richard Tew richard.m.tew at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:29:29 CEST 2009


I no longer work for CCP.  I decided that it was time for me to return
to my homeland, New Zealand, and as such, I no longer have access to
the same resources I have had access to for the period I have been
helping maintain Stackless.

These resources are:
- Internet bandwidth/access.
- Visual Studio licenses.

I plan to keep doing what I have been for Stackless.  It is a hobby I
enjoy a lot, and I've always done the bulk of it in my own time.
However, how quickly I do it depends on the ease in which I can do so,
which is partially dependent on the resources available to me.  I no
longer have an income, and while I can afford these things, I don't
really want to be spending money I don't have to without any coming
in.   And ideally, I'd like to have none coming in for a while! :-)
When resources were not a concern, I tried to get Stackless releases
out in parallel with Python releases.  This may no longer be possible.

New Zealand has very limited internet access.  That is, access is
limited in quotas of single and low double digit amounts of gigabytes.
 Having been sure to use my monthly unofficial limit of 250 gigabytes
with Comcast while living in the USA working for CCP, this is somewhat
of a shock.  The process of merging Python releases into Stackless'
SVN repository is very bandwidth heavy and can use up at the least, a
large amount of a months bandwidth quota.  While I am not really
interested in trying out distributed revision control systems, this
makes me look forward to when python.org moves to one out of pure
bandwidth savings.  Having a fund of donations which can be readily
spent on bandwidth used for Stackless, without having to be concerned
about how much I use, would remove one concern related to my work on

As a programmer at CCP, a Visual Studio license was allocated to me.
Now that I no longer work there, I no longer have access to the two
versions of Visual Studio needed for Python development and building
releases: Visual Studio.NET 2003 (2.5 and earlier versions of Python)
and Visual Studio 2008 (2.6/3.0 and above).  I can use freely
available versions of Microsoft's tools, but it often means days spent
just getting them work.  And it means that any new Windows builds I
make and release for 2.5 and earlier at least, will be unoptimised.
If anyone can donate a copy of either version to Stackless Python for
me to use for as long as I do this work, it would be appreciated and
it would mean I can much more easily do merges, debug and fix bugs and
make builds for Windows.

If you are interested and able to donate towards either of these
things, please contact me and we'll sort it out.  There's no pressure
whatsoever to do so.  I'll still do what I have been doing regardless,
but it might take a while longer to do so.  Also without a copy of
VS.NET 2003, new Windows builds of Python 2.5 and earlier will be
unoptimised (some of the Python builds on the Stackless web site are
this way already due to my lack of access to VS.NET 2003 at the time
they were made).

If there's any Stackless related tasks you want done, are willing to
pay for and are not related to the maintenance work I already do, you
are welcome to contact me about them as well.  I'm not necessarily
looking for work, I have contract work on other projects in other
languages than Python on offer to me, but working on Stackless is
interesting to me and I would certainly consider them.


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