[Stackless] assert in schedule_task_destruct

Manley, Tom Tom.Manley at spectrumdsi.com
Thu May 7 17:00:21 CEST 2009


We are hitting this assert in scheduling.c with a win32 debug build:

assert(ts->recursion_depth == 0 || ts->st.main == NULL && ts->st.current == NULL && prev == next);

We have tried both the release26-maint branch (assert is on line 1034) and the trunk (line 1037). This code will trigger the assert:

def InfiniteLoop(i):
    while 1:
        print "schedule", i


# The current main thread of execution counts as one running tasklet, so
# we know that if it is the only one remaining, we can exit.
while stackless.getruncount() != 1:
   t = stackless.run(1000)
   # If we got a tasklet back, it was the one that was interrupted.
   # we need to reinsert it for rescheduling.
   if t:

The assert fires because ts->st.current is not NULL. This issue was also reported back in January (http://www.stackless.com/pipermail/stackless/2009-January/003838.html). It was mentioned in one of the replies that there was a fix but I haven't been able to find it. Is there a fix available? Or is it safe to comment out that part of the assert?

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