[Stackless] Google's new Go programming language

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 16 23:41:41 CET 2009

Hello Andrew:

>One of the Go demos is

>Doing this in stackless seems complicated. 

Yes it is.

>def forward_requests(name, from_ch, to_ch):
>     for item in from_ch:
>         to_ch.send( (name, item) )

>A hack? 

A hack in a good way given what you got. Also I don't know if Go has the same rules as Limbo/Newsqueak in regards to the select statement as multiple channels being ready to fire. When I have time, let me see if I can come up with a select class. I have classes that are close but no cigar. 

>I don't recall people bringing up the need for something like it before.

I recall one other person who was talking about Occam suggesting this functionality about six months ago.

However since I do workflow stuff with Stackless, I have different needs.
So I care more about select, or better yet, event handlers. And yes, these things can implemented as classes but they are a bit clumsy. However it may turn out that they are better implemented as language features. 

I guess the approach should be to prototype the classes and features and throw them out there.



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