[Stackless] compiling stackless python with linking optimization on vs8...

Jon Parise jon at indelible.org
Sat Oct 17 23:03:29 CEST 2009

2009/10/16 atex.way <atex.way at gmail.com>:
>     compiling and running stackless python 3.1.1 success with
> "generate debug info" set yes on ms vs8 express edition, but if set
> "generate debug info" to no, could compile success but cracked (assert
> (opcode == FOR_ITER) exception ) in running no mater with release or debug
> compiling mode.
>     ...
>     but, further found: "eliminate unreferenced data" or
> "Remove Redundant COMDATs  " should be real reason for the crack of
> stackless python. that it is, can't do linking optimization.
>     the original python source is very stable, has no this like problem. i
> just want to know this question is related to c compiler or stackless codes,
> because i like python, also stackless...

I've seen this problem, too, compiling using Visual Studio 2008.  I
just disabled COMDAT folding for the time being, but I'd like to get
to the bottom of this, too.

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