[Stackless] Newbie questions about stackless python

Cui Jian ken at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Sep 28 23:22:12 CEST 2009

Hi the stackless experts,

I am very new to stackless python and have the two following newbie 

1. using stackless python under eclipse with the plugin pydev
the "import stackless" yields a unresolved import error, although the 
standard python modules can be imported and running of files without 
stackless python is totally ok, otherwise not possible.
But such errors only occur if I used the pydev template to create python 
modules and write stackless in them.
i.e., if I use eclispe and open a general project (not pydev predefined 
python project), then create a normal file (not pydev predefined python 
file) with an extension of .py, using stackless is no problem...
which means the configuration of the python interpreter is ok, but the 
ones with the pydev predefined template are only using standard python 
library but ignoring stackless...
this is quite strange, because I didn't install standard python but used 
the one provided on stackless home page (the bundle pack with standard 
python and stackless, version 3.0.1), which means the only library 
should already contain stackless ones...
maybe someone already knows about this? I google it but couldn't find 

2. Are there any tutorial about using stackless to do* xml-related 
operations* (generating, manipulating, parsing, etc.) and *DB 
operations* (connecting, inquiring, etc.)?*
best regards,

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