[Stackless] stackless documentation

Nicholas Piël nicholas at nichol.as
Thu Apr 8 16:13:19 CEST 2010


First of all thanks for both Stackless and the documentation. I have been working my way through the documentation and ran into a few small errors for which i suggest the corrections below.

Nicholas Piël


-- The documentation link on stackless.com gives a 404 it should point to: 


-- stackless.run  ( http://bit.ly/94W4K9 )

" The optional argument threadblock affects the way Stackless works when channels are used for communication between threads. Normally,  <End of paragraph -- missing content> "

-- stackless.enable_softswitch  ( http://bit.ly/9aQovH )

* I would like some extra information here about the differences between soft vs hard switching

-- stackless.set_channel_callback  ( http://bit.ly/97zXCN )

"Install a callback for channels." -> "Install a global channel callback." 

When quickly browsing the documentation i first thought it was possible to set a specific channel callback and wondered if the example code was wrong, so i think it is good to make it a little bit more explicit.

-- channel.preference  ( http://bit.ly/9yKcT5 )

the example says: 
"old_value = stackless.current.block_trap

I think it should be:
"old_value = stackless.current.block_trap
stackless.current.block_trap = True

-- Threads  ( http://bit.ly/aCfWvp )

"Magically magic away the global interpreter lock." --> "Magically remove the gil"

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