[Stackless] Hi there, and question

Michael J. Kitchin mcoyote.jr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:39:07 CET 2010

Hi there (I suggested that was coming in the subject...),

I'm designing a personal project that models a large-ish number (<1e6)
of stateful entities that change and interact in a relatively parallel
manner (not deterministically so, just apparently), think of them as
agents or something. In languages/concurrency I'm more familiar with
(C/C++, Java, C#) I'd probably stage these using a scheduler/priority
queues/command pile with a fixed thread pool or something to advance
their states, batch inter-agent communication, you get the idea.

Stackless -- specifically tasklets, channels, and preemptive
scheduling -- seems like a great way to attack the problem directly.
I.e., a mess of tasks with state, waking up when they wake up,
communicating when they communicate, etc., i.e., what would be
considered a naive implementation otherwise. Preemetive scheduling, in
particular seems a great way to keep a large number of tasklets
rolling in an orderly fashion, as long as locking order and other
complexities are under control.

Does this sound like something Stackless would be suited for
(realizing bottlenecks are inevitable and will have to be worked)?


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