[Stackless] Thought it is easy to right tasks continually waiting for messages

TOUMAN touman at btinternet.com
Sat Jan 2 11:35:30 CET 2010

Hi I am a newbi to stakless. I have read the documentaion specially the piece by grant olson.

I want to create three tasks which are continually waiting for messages and don not die until they recieve the "exit" message. I have written the code below:

import os, sys
import stackless
import math

global _unit_A, _unit_B, _unit_C     
_unit_A = stackless.channel()
_unit_B = stackless.channel()
_unit_C = stackless.channel()

class units:
  def __init__(self,channel,name):
    self.ch = channel
    self.name = name
  def process(self):
    print self.name,"Unit running"
    while True:    
      msg = self.ch.receive()
      if msg == "exit":
      print self.name,":",msg
def testit():
  print "Testing the parallel tasks"
  units(_unit_A,"unit A")
  units(_unit_B,"unit B")  
  units(_unit_C,"unit C")  
  msg = "Msg from unit A who says hello"


But when I run it, it runs through all tasks once and the program finishes and I get this.

Testing the parallel tasks
unit A Unit running
unit B Unit running
unit B : Msg from unit A who says hello
unit C Unit running

 I am sure it must be something simple, but cant figure it out. Does anybody know what is happening here and what I am doing wrong?

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