[Stackless] Installing python + stackless python on the same machine?

Andriy Drozdyuk drozzy at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 19:39:43 CET 2010

Thank you Henning!
I figured it out.
My standard python is installed into /usr/bin/python2.6
while the stackless installed itself into: /usr/local/bin/python2.6

-Andriy Drozdyuk

On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Henning Diedrich
<hd at authentic-internet.de> wrote:
> Hi Andriy,
> did you try "yum install python" to just install the standard python back
> over stackless?
> It may actually still be there, not overwritten but only burried later in
> the path. Try  whereis python  to understand what binary is actually
> executed. You may have one in /usr/local/bin and one in /usr /bin. Try find
> /usr -name python to find out.
> Otherwise, I am not sure if that would work, but before you reinstall the
> standard version, try renaming the actual binary "python" to "spython" so it
> will not be overwritten and try if it still works afterwards. But since you
> had a crash, if it still crashes then, it would be even harder to find out
> why.
> If you find one python in /usr/local/bin and one in /usr/bin, try renaming
> /usr/local/bin/python to /usr/local/bin/spython that could already do the
> trick. But I am only guessing what got installed where.
> Please post the crash dump as Richard suggested, you may help the community.
> To get it setup in parallel, configure --prefix=/usr/local could be the way,
> in case the standard python is NOT in /usr/local/bin (sic) but, e.g. in
> /usr/bin. Which I think is likely. Again, it could be that your system is
> already setup this way: standard python in /usr/bin and stackless in
> /usr/local.
> Try configure --help for some more information but basically this tells make
> install where to put stuff once make is done.
> Henning
> Andriy Drozdyuk wrote:
>> Hello,
>> another newbie question.Googling for this yields little results as it
>> only confuses the search engine...
>> I am wandering whether it is possible to install regular python and
>> stackless python (say both of version 2.6) on the same machine?
>> My system is Fedora 12 64bit.
>> Python comes preinstalled.
>> However when I configure, make and make install stackless python - it
>> just seems to overwrite the default python interpreter.
>> Is it possible to install both on the same machine so that i can do
>> something like:
>> python foo.py for regular python
>> and:
>> spython foo.py for stackless python?
>> Any tips are welcome!
>> PS: Also if anyone can point me or explain to me how to uninstall
>> stackless and revert back to default python that would be great :-)
>> -Andriy Drozdyuk
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