[Stackless] stackess for 2.7

Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Fri Jun 25 12:54:44 CEST 2010

I'll have a look when I'm able.

Wrt TaskletExit, yes it makes perfect sense.  Like SystemExit, it is an exception that you normally don't want to handle.  So exception clauses like:
except Exception:

will work as expected, and yet allow tasklets to be killed without fuss.


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> Progress - it's now building, but I do see regular python test fails
> (compared to stock 2.7.rc2) on:
> test_email test_functools test_pep352 test_pickletools test_sax
> test_sys test_tk test_ttk_guionly
> I'm looking into them.  In particular so far:
> test_pep352 fails because a text file in the test is missing a
> reference to TaskletExit.
> Easy to fix, though it also raises an issue about whether TaskletExit
> should really be derived
> from SystemExit or the BaseException class.
> test_functools is related the test_pickletools fail which might have
> something to do with
> the other pickling problem that Kristjan mentioned.  K- Does
> test_pickletools succeed for you?
> The problem seems to have to do with some wrapping of a function by
> stackless...
> test_email and text_sax have to do with line endings (\n vs \r\n) --
> which is odd and troublesome...
> and I'm looking more...
> test_sys has to do with the slot wrapper object size (for int.__add__)
> being 44 bytes instead of 40.
> (This might be correct for stackless -- it appears this test is
> commented out in release26_maint)
> and I haven't check the tk stuff yet at all...

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